Cooler Master N600 PC Case Review

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N600 Hardware Installation


Taking time to do cable management is easy in the N600, with the holes in the motherboard tray the cables can go back there for the most part.  There was room behind the 3.5” bottom hard drive try where the extra power supply cables could have gone, or perhaps under the bottom 3.5” drive.


Installing the hard drives involved installing the included drive rails.  One little gotcha though, they only work as tool-less rails for 3.5” drives.  When using them on 2.5” drives you will need to use screws. 


After the rails are put onto the drives, the drives slide into place.  A nice loud click tells you when they are in place.


Installing 2.5” drives is done the same was, slide the drive rails into the slots until the click and they are done.


Taking a look at the back side, there are plenty of ways to route cables, and with room to install a 2.5” hard drive there is ample room for the cables.  A 120mm fan was installed in the fan mount to cool the 2.5” drives.  The holes for the motherboard tray could be a little bigger as the CPU bracket and fan mounting holes are almost right at the bottom edge of the hole.


Installing a 2.5” drive on the back of the motherboard tray is easy, two screws and it is installed.  This can be installed with the connectors at the top or bottom.

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