CM Storm Mizar Laser Gaming Mouse Review


Closer Look at the Cooler Master Mizar

Overall, the Cooler Master Mizar looks like most gaming mice. It measure 4.9in x 2.4in x 1.6in (LxWxH), and weighs around 5oz. The braided USB cable is 6.5ft long so it should be able to reach the computer comfortably. The body of the mouse is made of hard plastic and has two textured rubber grips on the sides. The scroll wheel also has a textured rubber coating to it, in addition the wheel is not a “free flow” wheel, there are soft stops for each turn; in addition the scroll wheel can act as a button. Unless you use white for the logo color, there are two color zones to the mouse, the profile buttons and wheel is the first, and the CM Storm logo is the second. Only the color of the CM Storm logo can be modified. Cooler-Master-Mizar-Mouse-White There are four default DPI levels, which can be customized within the Mizar software. Each of these levels coresponds to a default hard coded color. DPI Level 1 (White) has a default of 800DPI, Level 2 (Red) is 1600DPI, Level 3 (Green) is 3200DPI, and Level 4 (Blue) is the max setting 8200DPI.

Within the Cooler Master Mizar software, one of the options is to configure the LED color, not only do you have the previous four options, but you also get three additional color choices, Purple, Light Blue and Yellow. You can not select these three colors as part of the profile selection, those are hard selected, once you choose your profile option/color, it will change to the color option you have selected in the software after a few seconds.

The Mizar looks like a typical mouse, the two front buttons are mostly flat with a slight upwards bend at the tip. The scroll wheel is nicely placed making it easy to access. The two profile buttons are placed here on the top behind the scroll wheel, making it easy to change profiles, however they are not in the way to accidentally change the profile while gaming. Cooler-Master-Mizar-Mouse-LT-Profile On the left side of the Mizar, there are two buttons which by default, act as a Forward and Back button. This can of course be changed by using the Mizar software. Cooler-Master-Mizar-Mouse-LT-Side Some mice have a large arc to the main part of the body, the Mizar has a slight arc, and is a bit wider on the right side of the body. Cooler-Master-Mizar-Mouse-Back-2 On the right side of the mouse, there are no additional buttons, however Cooler Master has placed some textured rubber here to aid in gripping the mouse with the weakest finger of the hand. Cooler-Master-Mizar-Mouse-RT-Side Taking a quick look at he bottom of the mouse, we find four tiny low-friction feet and the laser sensor. The laser sensor used in the Mizar is the Avago 9800, which has a maximum DPI of 8200. The CM Storm logo has partially been inscribed on the bottom of the mouse, which while it looks nice, is rather unnecessary as it won’t be seen once the mouse is on the desk. Cooler-Master-Mizar-Mouse-Bottom