BlueAnt Supertooth Light Bluetooth Speakerphone

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Overall Performance and Bottom Line

Overall, the performance of BlueAnt’s Supertooth Light speakerphone was better than I expected and I found myself using the device more and more outside of the car.  It is really convenient not to have to be tied down to a wired headset or rely on the crappy little speakerphone that comes with most mobile phones these days.

Supertooth Light in White

The sound quality coming from the speaker is very, very good.  Never mind about not being able to hear the conversation, the speaker driver on the Supertooth is powerful and loud!  This, of course, could be a negative to some where having a discreet conversation might be difficult.  The user is able to turn down the speaker to almost mute it, but since there is no visual indicator on the front to tell what your volume level is, you might get caught like me blasting the first part of the call loud enough for everyone down the hall to hear.

BlueAnt claims a battery life of 15 hours of talk time and a gigantic 800 hours of standby power.  Again, this was kind of difficult to test since I was never able to get a low power indication from the Supertooth – even after 3 – 4 days “typical” use without a charge.  In fact, in the weeks that I’ve had the Supertooth, I’ve only connected it to the wall to charge 2-3 times.  Battery life on this unit is fantastic.

Going into this review, I really was trying to find something that I didn’t like about what BlueAnt was delivering.  I’m really not able to do that.  The fact of the matter is you have a fairly compact device that produces superb audio for a speakerphone device.  The built-in microphone captures your voice incredibly well and filters out typical noises with ease making your voice sound clear and natural and very un-speakerphone like.  The unit is very portable so it can be used in a variety of environments with little hassle.  Battery life is out of this world and when you do have to recharge, it can be done with your now-typical USB-mini plug (which by the way, they supply you!)  The black unit that BlueAnt sent us is smooth and stylish that blends in well with modern automobile interiors. 

BlueAnt's Supertooth Light

Legit Bottom Line:

We believe BlueAnt’s Supertooth Light sets the bar incredibly high for companies trying to deliver a stylish and effective Bluetooth speakerphone.  The audio quality, ease of use, and battery life on this unit is incredible. For a street price of around $80, this almost flawless and versatile device is a must for those not wanting to use an earpiece.

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