BlueAnt Supertooth Light Bluetooth Speakerphone

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What’s in the Box?

The Supertooth Light is designed to easily be mounted to an automobile’s sun-visor and paired with up to five mobile devices.  It supports call answering and call rejecting, voice dialing, redial, audio transfer call swapping and can be paired with up to five devices.  The retractable microphone slides in and out of position and doubles as the on/off switch. 

Supertooth Box Contents


There are only a few buttons on the unit: Volume up, volume down, call initiate, call end, and the retractable microphone boom.  The unit is dominated by its prominent speaker.

BlueAnt Supertooth

Supertooth Visor Clip


BlueAnt packages the The Supertooth Light with a USB charger and visor clip.  After only a little less than 2 hours, the Supertooth was fully charged and ready to go.  The procedure for pairing the Supertooth device to your mobile phone is quite simple and hardly took any effort to match up to our phones.  All you have to do is hold down the green talk button while you deploy the microphone boom.  This puts the Supertooth in pairing mode so you can connect to your favorite mobile device. 

Side of Supertooth

The above photo is the side of the Supertooth where the user deploys the microphone.

Side of Supertooth

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