BlueAnt Supertooth Light Bluetooth Speakerphone

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Supertooth Light Road Test

We used our normal variety of mobile phones for our road tests: Treos 650 & 750, Motorola RAZR V3, and our newest phone, the T-Mobile Wing.  Each of the phones paired quickly and easily with the BlueAnt Supertooth.  Unfortunately, when we tried to use the Supertooth Light with our Treo 650, we didn’t have any luck.  Neither device complained about anything, but there was absolutely no functionality when using the Treo 650.  The Treo 750 was all good though.

Supertooth In Car


We tested the Supertooth Light in a number of different conditions.  We conducted our usual range test as well as a variety of “in-use” situations: In the car with the windows up and down and radio on, at the office, and outside, near a busy street.  We thought that these different conditions would make for good test to see just how good the DSP and noise cancellation were.

Using the Supertooth was a pleasant surprise.  I had expected the speakerphone to sound hollow and “speakerphone-ish” when talking, but not one single person complained about the sound quality or volume that was produced during a normal conversation.  The range and clarity of the Supertooth was great.  I was easily able to walk across the room – nearly 30 feet away – and still have a solid connection with the mobile device.  In fact, I really wasn’t able to measure what the “end range” was, let’s just say it was over 30 feet! This was easily the best range for any Bluetooth device we have tested here at Legit Reviews.

Supertooth Microphone

I found out that I could walk about 15-20 feet away from the Supertooth (in a quiet room) before my party complained about  that they couldn’t hear me.  For many people who use their cell phones in their office or at home, being able to set your phone or handset down and multitask has tremendous advantages.

Supertooth in the car


In the car, the Supertooth performed just as good as indoors.  The Digital Sound Processor really does a good job in filtering out background noise including the air conditioner and moderately-loud radio noise.  My test with the window open produced mixed results:  At relatively slow speeds (under 50 mph), the Supertooth was not only loud enough that I could hear my party, but the people I was talking to couldn’t tell that I was in a car – let alone in a car with the windows down.  Again, very good results!

BlueAnt Supertooth

On the freeway however, the wind noise was just too much for the Supertooth Light to be consistently good.  My party could hear some wind noise in the conversation, but mainly complained about audio drops and cutouts.  For those of you who have a convertible, you might want to consider finishing your phone call before dropping the top at highway speeds.  Then again, if you are like our Editor-in-Chief Nate, you won’t have a problem since you drive nice and slow to let people see you.

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