BlizzCon 2014 Final Day Wrap-Up


BlizzCon 2014 Closing Ceremony

BlizzCon 2014All good things have to end and the final night culminated with two great performances by two loud and fast metal bands. We are left with heads ringing from the Lvl 90 Elite Tauren Chieftain or should I say the Elite Tauren Chieftain? I guess after 5 expansions they got tired of always having to level and re-do their graphic so from this day forward they are know as just the Elite Tauren Chieftain! As usual, it was great to seem them up on stage rocking. Knowing that they all play such a critical role at Blizzard yet find the time to get together and play music together just show how much they really enjoy each other and you can see that joy transfer to each of their games. Metallica rocked it after ETC and came out playing their biggest hits!

BlizzCon 2014

The crowd was wild! I could feel the drums rattle every bone in my body. It was really great seeing such an iconic band playing for such an iconic con. Heres hoping BlizzCon 2015 is as good as this one!!

BlizzCon 2014