Bitfenix Nova Mid-Tower PC Case Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusions


Sometimes we get so used to looking at the top of the line cases, we forget about the budget class.  If we take a look at these budget minded cases with their target audience in mind, we should realize we will miss out on several advanced features we commonly find in the more expensive cases such as fully tool-less installation, a large number of cooling options, and a customizable interior.  What we should focus is on is whether the construction is of similar quality, and the key necessary features are included.

With the Nova, BitFenix has done just that.  They took a look at what the key features are that are a requirement and built those into a case designed for the budget minded consumer while maintaining BitFenix’s high quality construction.  The Nova might not support large liquid cooling radiators, but that’s about the only thing it doesn’t support.  Within the Nova, you can install up to an ATX motherboard, three 120mm fans for cooler, tall CPU coolers, long graphics cards, and many hard drives.  BitFenix has even designed the Nova to support two SSD’s.  BitFenix even included a power supply filter, an expansion slot security cover


The only thing I was disappointed in with the BitFenix Nova, is that they opted to include a single USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports on the front panel.  It seems to be a waste to only include one USB 3.0 port when the internal USB 3.0 header supports two connections.  While this is a budget oriented case, it would also be nice if at least one additional 120mm fan was included in the front, even if that means raising the price a little.

One aspect of the Nova that we didn’t discuss is the possibility of using the Nova as a good choice for an introduction to case mods.  There are many different options to what can be modded on the Nova, and with it being such a low price, it won’t hurt the budget too badly if you make a mistake.

The BitFenix Nova can be found in two versions, with or without a side panel windows.  In addition it is available in Black or White.  The model we took a look at, BFX-NOV-100-KKWSK-RP, can be found online for $69.99 with free shipping.  For that price, you are getting a well built case that will support all kinds of hardware, and a 1 year warranty.

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Legit Bottom Line:  The BitFenix Nova is a well built budget minded case that if you pick the right components you can make a great looking system.  The build quality of the Nova maintains what we have come to expect from BitFenix, a great looking exterior, with solid construction.

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