Bitfenix Nova Mid-Tower PC Case Review

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BitFenix Nova Internal Impressions


Internally, the Nova has a black interior, with a pretty basic but functional design.  BitFenix has preinstalled six motherboard standoffs for a standard ATX motherboard.  The motherboard tray is recessed a little, meaning the four vertical cable management holes will end up being at the same level as the motherboard.  There are three smaller holes in the motherboard tray, typically for cable management, however these would only be useful for mATX motherboards, and we’ll see shortly that they’re useless anyways.  For the CPU cooler support bracket, there is a rather large hole to have access to the bracket post installation.


There is one easy to use tool-less mechanism to secure your 5.25″ device.  The other two bays can be used for additional hard drive storage, if you have the right bracket.  Immediately below the 5.25″ bays is a 3.5″ bay for a hard drive.


Taking a look at the other 3.5″ bays from the inside, we find three additional 3.5″ hard drive bays, with one 2.5″ bay on top of these.  The other 2.5″ bay is designed to use the metal panel to secure the drive to it.


For the power supply area, BitFenix has installed four raised feet to elevate the power supply.  On each of these there is a piece of rubber to help reduce vibration from the power supply fan.


Nothing unexpected to see on the back panel.  As we previously mentioned, the seven expansion slots have covers, with only the first one being readily removable.  The other six will need to be popped out before using those slots.  BitFenix did not include any additional covers though, so you’ll only want to remove the ones you need.


Behind the motherboard tray we see that BitFenix included a second tool-less mechanism on this side of the case as well.  On the back of the motherboard tray, there are no places to secure any cables, however on the space with the vertical cable management holes, there are three cable tie locations.


No places to secure cables on the back of the motherboard tray, that’s because there is pratically no space for cable management behind the motherboard tray.  The one area that there is room for cables is just under 1/2 inch which will be taken up pretty quickly with the 24-pin motherboard power.  No cable management options is a disappointment, however keeping in mind that target audience of a budget oriented case, this can be easily overlooked.

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