Antec ATX 12V Power Supply Tester Review


Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Antec 12V ATX PSU Tester

Much like using the product, the testing and my review are short and sweet. While professionals will rightly stick with a voltmeter or multimeter, the Antec ATX 12V PSU Tester is perfect for those of us that are constantly tinkering with systems or helping friends and family diagnose problems. I personally believe that the Antec PSU tester would have been better if Antec bypassed the colored LEDs and used a digital LCD that actually gives you a voltage reading for each rail. At the same time it is obvious that an Antec was going for simplicity and the red and green lights are easy to use.

In terms of pricing the tester can be found for under U.S. $20.00 shipped and is a great stocking stuffer for those who have a PC Entusiast of any kind in the family.

Testing the PSU

Final Thoughts

The Antec 12V ATX Power Supply Tester is an extremely handy device….. and would fit perfectly in the Christmas stocking of a friend or loved one (or even your own).

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