Antec ATX 12V Power Supply Tester Review



Antec 12V ATX PSU Tester

Today we take a quick look at a really handy device that I think everyone who builds or works on computers would find handy. The ATX12V Power Supply Tester from Antec is a simple tool for testing ATX12V (v 1.3 and v 2.0) power supplies without fussing with voltmeters and probes. Simply plug the power supply outputs into the 24-pin (or 20-pin) connector to verify voltage of each ATX12V rail. Green for normal, yellow for insufficient, and red for over voltage conditions. Plus a separate Power Good signal for validating whether power supply as a whole is working or not. Quickly and easily check to see if your power supply is good or not, saves trouble-shooting time.

Antec 12V ATX PSU Tester

  • Works with 24-pin and, 20-pin power supplies
  • 3-way LED output indicator to clearly show power supply status
  • Power signal indicator for overall power supply status
  • Usable with a voltmeter for more accurate readings
  • Dimensions: 100mm(L) x 78mm(W) x 27.5mm(H)
  • Weight: 0.25 lb/100 g

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