Antec ATX 12V Power Supply Tester Review


The Testing Unit

Antec PSU Tester

Upon removing the unit from its packaging, the Antec 12V PSU Tester is a hand sized device made of hard plastic. From a very basic standpoint the Antec PSU Tester is everything most people need. Instead of fussing with a complicated and expensive voltmeter, the Antec PSU Tester is about as simple as it gets. The instructions included with the unit (like it needs any) are easy to follow, and everything on the unit itself is clearly marked.

PSU Connector

Starting with the front you’ll notice the plug in for your power supply’s 20 or 24 pin power connector. On the top directly above the plug in, Antec has clearly marked the spot to line up a 20 pin connector.

Rail LEDs

The top of the PSU Tester has several LEDs, all clearly marked and easy to understand. From left to right you’ll see the +5V, +12V, +3.3V,-12V, and -5VSB LEDs. these are the rails found with all power supplies, each has its own job withuin your system, and all are equally important.

Voltmeter connector

For those who wish to get an exact reading from their power supply, Antec included plug ins on the rear of the unit to attach probes from a multi meter or voltmeter. Again you will see the +3.3, +5, and +12V along with a “GRND” plug in .

Main LEDs

Once the unit is plugged in and your PSU is turned on, the unikt will cycle through its tests, which take less than 15 seconds. The main POWER LEDs are as basic as it gets, Green means your PSU is in good working order and Red means there is a fault, and that the PSU is no good.

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