AMD’s Newest Speed King — FX-53


Game Testing:

NovaLogic; Comanche 4:

The Comanche 4 benchmark demo is a unique benchmark as it represents a real-world gaming experience. It contains the single player Eagle’s Talon mission from the game as well as a detailed cinematic. This DirectX 8.1 benchmark demo measures your system’s performance in the standard frames per second format.

Results: The Intel 3.4GHz Extreme Edition brought the victory to Intel, but the FX-53 was less than .4 FPS behind the 3.4EE.

Epic Games; Unreal Tournament 2003:

Using the full installation of Unreal Tournament 2003 along with the newest patch gives us a very nice real world benchmark! We also used [H]ardOCP’s UT2003 Benchmarking utility version 2.1. A resolution of 1024×768 was tested in Direct3D on the built-in CPU test.

Results: It is clear that AMD processors are the way to go if you are a huge UT2003 fan. The FX-53 proved to be 39FPS faster in the [H] CPU test.

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