AMD’s Newest Speed King — FX-53


Memory Bandwidth Testing:

AIDA32 Version 3.90.5:

AIDA32 is a professional system information, diagnostics and benchmarking program for Win32 platforms. It extracts details of all components of the PC. It also tests the actual read and write speeds of your memory to give a fairly accurate look of true memory performance.

ScienceMark 2.0 Beta:

ScienceMark 2.0 is different from other benchmarks, in a sense the benchmark tests a series of different memory bandwidth algorithms. To top it all off the assembly source for these copy routines is available online to help assure the benchmark is not biased towards any one platform in particular.

Results: It’s fairly obvious that the 2.4GHz FX-53 with its integrated memory controller has the best overall memory throughput. Recent Intel and AMD processors have not been “starved” when it comes to memory bandwidth, but more can’t hurt!

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