AMD Beema and Mullins APU Performance – 3rd Generation APUs


AMD Beema Performance (Provided by AMD)

While AMD was focusing on the Mullins APU, they also provided some performance information on their upcoming Beema chipset. This chipset is designed to compete with Intel’s Atom and Celeron processors in the laptop, netbook and ultra-low powered system market. An engineering reference unit was not on hand for us to take a look at or run any benchmarks on, so for the time being, we will just take a look at what AMD claims.

AMD Discovery Beema to Haswell Performance

While we expect Beema to have a performance increase when compared to previous AMD APU’s, AMD states that this gap is over 10% graphics performance increase while lowering the power utilization by 40%. When compared to the competitors, AMD shows us that the Beema chipset will be able to compete by at least meeting graphics performance of similar chipsets, and often times surpassing them by both CPU and GPU performance. The benchmark numbers shown on the slide does provide an idea of what we can expect from the Beema APU. However, as we stated before, these have not been verified by us, so you can either take AMD at their word or wait until we can get our hands on a Beema based system.