AMD Beema and Mullins APU Performance – 3rd Generation APUs


3DMark11 Benchmarks

New 3DMark Benchmark Coming on February 4, 2013

3DMark has been a standard graphics benchmark for many years, AMD selected to pre-install 3DMark 11 on the Discovery tablets. It runs through a series of benchmarks to test the graphics and physics capabilities of the GPU, finally, it runs a combined benchmark.
AMD Mullins 3DMark 11 Setrtings
3DMark 11 will be run at 1920×1080 resolution, with the other settings left to their default setting.

AMD Mullins 3DMark 11 Combined Score

Taking a look at the combined score, the AMD Discovery tablet more than doubled the score of the HP Atom Z3795 tablet.

AMD Mullins 3DMark 11 Graphics Score

The individual graphics benchmarks, across the four tests, the AMD Mullins A10-6700T APU scored 270 points, which is again, more than double the score received by the HP Atom tablet.

AMD Mullins 3DMark 11 Physics Score

The HP Atom Z3795 takes a small lead for the physics test, surpassing the AMD APU by close to 25%.