AMD Beema and Mullins APU Performance – 3rd Generation APUs


Performance Test 8 Benchmark

Passmark Performance Test

Passmark Performance Test 8 is a simple one click benchmark that uses a variety of different tests to provide an overall score and providing scores in five different areas; 2D Graphics, 3D Graphics, Memory, Disk and CPU. These scores are then compared to other systems to provide an idea of where it lands for performance.

Passmark Performance Test 8 Overall Score

The AMD Mullins based tablet received a much higher overall score compared to the HP Atom tablet. With just over 200 points difference between these APU’s we should take a look at the individual scores to see exactly where the difference lies.

AMD Mullins Discovery Performance Test 8 Detail

Taking a look at the individual scores, we can see the at the AMD Discovery tablets do better in pretty much every category, the exception being Memory. Here the HP Elitepad 1000 G2 takes the lead. It is obvious where the AMD Discovery Mullins tablet’s do much better, that being the Disk, 3D Graphics, and to a certain extent the CPU. The CPU scores are probably the most interesting, AMD takes the lead over the Atom, however it doesn’t appear to be a huge difference in CPU performance. The Disk used in the AMD Discovery tablets is obviously much faster than the one that HP decided to use in their Atom based Elitepad.