AfterShokz Gamez Bone Conducting Gaming Headphones Review

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AfterShokz Gamez Overview

Overall, the AfterShokz Bluez2S is available in four different color schemes, one of them is Metallic Green, which is Gamez pair.  Taking a quick look around them, there isn’t much to see on the outside view of them.  Right by the ear is the AfterShokz logo, along with a tiny pinhole microphone.  Otherwise there isn’t much to see here.

Aftershokz Gamez: Bone Conducting Headphones

The back of the band on the Gamez is a hard plastic that has a soft band of padding on the inside.  While many companies plaster their name and logo on every flat surface, AfterShokz didn’t do that with the Gamez, the back of the band is plain, and is a good place to put those reflective stickers that they provide.  Over the course of testing, they were dropped several times ranging from being knocked off a desk while charging to deliberately dropping them from 6ft onto a sidewalk to simulate them falling off.  Even after several drops they still look perfect, and have no damage.

AfterShokz Gamez Back

On the left side of the Gamez we have the AfterShokz logo again, and a single multi-function button.  This button will perform different functions depending on what the headphone is doing, and what type of Press you do (quick, single, double, press/hold, etc).  All of the possible options are listed in the user guide and on AfterShokz’s website.  Each of the various options are easy to use and figure out if you’re not into reading a user guide.

AfterShokz Gamez Left

On the inside of the headphones we find the Bone Conductors.  These consist of a couple of speakers along with a pad that resonates the sound into your jawbone, which then sends those mini vibrations to your inner ear, bypassing the eardrum.  While not recommended, you can always place the speakers directly on your ear, which then amplifies the sound.  However, keep in mind that’s not what they are designed for and you could damage your eardrum with the sound and vibrations.

AfterShokz Gamez Conductor

The main controls for the Gamez is found on the right side of the headphones.  Here we find the power button, volume +/- and a hidden micro-USB port.  When using the Gamez, the power button is pretty much right behind the ear making it a little difficult to use.  However the volume buttons are easily accessible.  When adjusting the volume, you get a quick beep corresponding with the volume change, at maximum volume there is a louder beep to signify maximum volume.  Just behind the volume button is a little slot to insert the tension band should you decide to use it; another slot is located in the same location on the other side.

AfterShokz Gamez Controls

After charging the AfterShokz Gamez for a few hours, let’s give them a listen and see how they sound.


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