AeroCool FP-01 Multifunction Panel


Using the FP-01

AreoCool FP-01 Installed

Now that we have the FP-01 installed we can play with it a little. Setting the alarms was easy; I purposely set one to force the alarm to go off. It will definitely get your attention and should be loud enough to here at a LAN if it goes off. The RPM readings for the fans by the panel were within +/- 15 RPM to what Speed Fan reported them be with out the controller. Adjusting of the fan speed is easy, just hit the +/- buttons until you get the RPM range you want.

AreoCool FP-01 temp sensor

The temperature sensors themselves are fairly small approximately inch long and have a ~20 inch long lead. So reaching places in the case shouldnt be too hard. The hard part will be where to put them and how to keep them there.

AreoCool FP-01 fan wire harness

The fan cables left something to be desired, with them being stranded wires, they just go every which way. If they were flat cable or even had some heat shrink tubing to help keep things tidy would help tons on looks.

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