ADATA XPG Spectrix D40 16GB RGB DDR4 Memory Review

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Adata RGB Software (Beta)

As the Spectrix D40 is RGB and compatible with the ASUS AURA Sync software, they have developed an add-on to the ASUS software to allow you to customize the RGB effects, this is where you can download the XPG RGB Sync App software.  By default, the memory will run on the “Color Cycle” mode, where the memory will randomly change colors.

Adata XPG RGB Sync App

Adata XPG RGB Sync App – Color Cycle

When you start the XPG RGB Sync App, it will begin with a sample view of a computer system, and will randomly change the colors of the system to simulate the “Color Cycle” mode.  Down the left side of the screen, you are presented with the various built-in profiles.  As you change the profile and click apply, it will take the memory a couple of seconds to adjust to the new profile.

The current version of the XPG RGB Sync App has a total of ten built-in profiles that give you a variety of effects.  Within each of the profiles there are options you can customize that range from the speed of the effect, single color, multiple colors or a range of colors (using the RGB code numbers).  In addition, some of them can be tied to other RGB features through the ASUS AURA app.


With the ten built in RGB profiles, there are two additional that were not shown in the video.  These weren’t shown as they need something additional to make them change.  Let’s take a look at the menu options and see what they do.

Adata XPG RGB Sync App

Adata XPG RGB Sync App – Smart

Smart, allows the RGB to adjust for Temperature or CPU Load.  With both of these options you have the ability to set two points where the RGB colors change.  If the reading is below the first point, the RGB would be green, within the two settings the RGB changes to Yellow, and if it goes above the highest setting, Red.

Adata XPG RGB Sync App

Adata XPG RGB Sync App – Music

The Music profile is designed for the RGB to react to sound.  Each of the seven audio profiles have different presets for color and flashing that cannot be changed.

Adata Spectrix D40 RGB DDR4

Adata Spectrix D40 RGB DDR4 – Purple LEDs

Enough with the RGB Sync App, let’s move on to some benchmarks and see how the XPG Spectrix D40 memory kit performs.

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