The CoolIT Eliminator CPU Cooler Review

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Test 3: The Hardcore Overclocker

Profile 3: The Hardcore Overclocker (Major Overclocking)

  • CPU Multiplier: 7x
  • CPU voltage: 1.50625V
  • FSB Voltage: 1.40V
  • FSB: 1960MHz
  • Memory Voltage: 2.20V
  • Final CPU Frequency: 3.43GHz

CoolIT Eliminator CPU Cooling System Benchmarking

Results: This overclock is really pushing the limits of both the processor and the cooling as things are really starting to heat up.  At idle, the CoolIT Eliminator CPU Cooler looked like it would again lead the group, but it was only to be at idle.  When run at full load the $150 Eliminator was unable to handle this monster overclock and was running at the same load temperature as the $40 Thermaltake Big Typhoon air cooler! The Corsair Nautilus 500 water cooler was able to beat out the pair of TEC coolers and the air cooler at load temperatures. Something that was interesting to note is that the Corsair Nautilus 500 cooled system was the only one that could complete two instances of Super PI 32M at these settings. 

CoolIT Eliminator CPU Cooling System Benchmarking

Results: There is nearly a 100W power consumption difference from our stock settings to our highest stable overclock, which just goes to show that overclocking needs more energy and in turns produces more heat. No shocker here to see the Monsoon II Lite consuming the most power as it is the first cooler to put the system over 400W.  

Let’s wrap this up! 

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