Qstik EVOQ Bluetooth DSP Headset Review

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Qstik EVOQ

Up until this review, we had considered the Gennum nXZEN Bluetooth headset as the head of class when it came to noise cancellation.  Well, there is a new sheriff in town that has unseated the reigning champion.  The noise cancellation of Qstik’s EVOQ is second to none.  EVOQ’s combination of noise cancellation echo cancellation, and automatic volume control make this device a must-have for anyone concerned about a noisy environment. 

The headset is a bit bulky, but it does not wear down your ears to the point where you are sore after you take the headset off.  The ear clip does a real good job of distributing the weight so the headset sits securely and comfortably. Compared to the 16 gram Gennum set, the EVOQ is heavier, but the ear clip design is better in our opinion and doesn’t take away from the comfort of the headset. We would have preferred an adjustable ear clip or tip that would better help focus sound from the main unit.  This is made up for the fact that the stereo ear buds with mic are really easy to use and do a very good job of filtering out sound.

If you are in the States and don’t have an extra USB-mini charging adapter lying around, you might want to wait for the FCC’s approval before purchasing.  If you don’t mind the slower charge time, you can always connect it to your computer to charge.  We had no problems sharing the Motorola USB charger.  With it, charging times were a little more than 2 hours.


Qstik EVOQ

Legit Bottom Line:

The Qstik EVOQ is hands down the best noise cancellation headset that we have used with our cellular phone.  Whether you are using this set for VOIP, listening to stereo music with the enclosed headsets, or just using it with your cellular device, this set doesn’t skip a beat and has worked flawlessly for us.  We wish we could get a little more volume using the headset only, but if you plug in the stereo earbuds, all is good. The price tag may be a bit high at £59.99 (~$120), but in our opinion, it is well worth it.

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