NZXT Source 530 Full Tower Computer Case Review

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Source 530 Retail Packaging

Source 530 Box Front

As a full tower, the box for the Source 530 measures 13x22x23 (WxHxD) inches, and a shipping weight of 23.25lbs.  Using plain packaging, the front of the box provides a good view of the Source 530.

 Source 530 Box Back

The back of the box has a quick overview of six features along with some additional marketing information in multiple languages.

 Source 530 Box Sides

One side of the box has a view of the front panel for the Source 530.  The other side provides the basic specifications for the 530.

 Source 530 Packaging Material

Hard foam blocks protect the Source 530 during shipping.  While a plastic bag keeps moisture and dust off the case.

Source 530 Accessories

NZXT ensures plenty of accessories are included to set up the Source 530, which includes 20 cable ties!  Sadly, I found one accessory lacking, which will be covered later.

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  • Hassaan

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  • Dave Earle

    I have been reading reviews on Amazon regarding this case, most of them being positive. However, one thing that is still unclear, as there were quite a few conflicting answers, is whether or not this will fit a full, E-ATX motherboard (such as the MSI GODlike Gaming motherboard, which is what I have in my current build); the specs say “EASTX”, but I don’t know what the “S” in there means, as I have never seen an E-ATX motherboard expressed with an “S” in it.

  • Andrew David Schaefer

    i noticed the tool-less hardware is sometimes quite snug. make sure you still have you handy-dandy screwdriver.