DeepCool Captain 120 AIO Liquid Cooler Review

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DeepCool Captain 120 AIO CPU Liquid Cooler

DeepCool was founded in 1996 producing cooling accessories for desktops and servers.  With personal computers becoming one of the most important tools of our time, they expanded into AIO liquid cooling, cases and power supplies.  In September2014, they introduced the Captain AIO liquid cooler series that features a Patented SS design (Separated Section) that divides the pump and cold plate into two blocks, connected by a unique transparent connection tube makes the water flow visible. The cooler is topped off with an LED light on the top to give it the nuclear-reactor like appearance that the designers were going after.

DEEPCOOL Gamer Storm CAPTAIN 120 CPU Liquid Cooler

The Captain series of AIO liquid coolers, is available in three sizes, 120mm, 240mm and 360mm.  DeepCool sent over the Captain 120, which features a 120mm radiator that is 27mm thick with a single 120mm fan.  The Captain 120 can be found online starting around $79.99 plus shipping and increasing from there depending on the retailer. If you wanted to go something larger you can step up to the 240mm ($119.99) or 360mm ($139.99) models if your budget and case will allow it. Today, we’ll be looking at the entry-level DEEPCOOL Gamer Storm CAPTAIN 120 CPU Liquid Cooler AIO Water Cooling solution.


Following similar principles of other AIO Liquid Coolers, the Captain 120 uses a pre-filled and sealed pump and reservoir that is connected to the radiator with rubber tubes that are 326mm (12.83in) in length, allowing for a wide variety of install locations.  The pump uses a durable zirconia ceramic bearing that has a 120,000 hour life expectancy, which is about 13.7 years of use. DeepCool placed a 3-year warranty on all of the CAPTAIN CPU Coolers, so if something should fail during that time period it will be highly unlikely to be the pump bearing.

DeepCool Captain CPU Cooler Features and Specifications

  • AIO liquid radiator with original Separated Section design, self-governed circulation channel to offer more efficient heat dissipation
  • Amazing transparent connection system, visual liquid flow design
  • Crazy steam punk appearance & the unique reactor-style pump housing
  • Three-phase induction motor built-in the powerful closed impeller, the stronger liquid flow & bigger delivery head
  • Long lifetime ceramic bearing with MTBF 120,000 hours
  • 0.2mm high-density water microchannel (Skiving Fin technics), 100% pure copper base
  • 120mm rubber-covered PWM fan with de-vibration design, unique FDB bearing owned a lower noise &longer lifetime
  • Patented detachable fan impeller easy to clear dust& lubricating oil recruited, DIY top-priority mounting
  • Bionic red LED breathing light lightening up while operating
DeepCool Captain 120 Specifications
Water Block  Copper
Pump Motor Speed:  2800 +- 150RPM
Rated Voltage: 12V
Power Consumption: 3.0W
Fan Dimension:  120 x 120 x 25mm
Speed:  600 – 2200RPM
Noise Level: 17.6 – 39.3dBA
Rated Voltage: 12V
Max Air Flow: 91.12CFM
Connector: 4 Pin
Radiator Dimension: 154 x 120 x 27mm
Material:  Aluminum
Tube Length:  326mm
Material: Rubber
Compatibility Intel:  LGA 2011 / 1366 / 1150 / 1155 / 1156
AMD:  FM2+ / FM2 / FM1 / AM3+ / AM3 / AM2+ / AM2
Warranty  3 Years

Now that we are familiar with the DeepCool Captain 120, let’s get to unboxing it and prepare for installation.

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  • AJ Styles

    I got this from my friend a year ago before she moved. I have the metal brace that goes around it. But I don’t have the support bracket that goes underneath the motherboard. Does anyone know where I can get one? I can’t find it anywhere or would the am4 work for it?

    • Scott Berry

      No, you need the EX series (I made this mistake), and then buy the optional AM4 bracket (about $10)

  • DR Productions

    did anyone get issues of leaks? since water is used for these types of cooling

  • ccmen

    does it make any difference if I put the waterblock clear tube facing down ?

    thx before,…

  • aaron mendoza

    would this fit a sg13 case?
    couldnt find the pumps height

  • Heath Miller

    lga 1151 compatible?

    • Gabriel Ueta


      • mandolinator

        yes, its compatible. Retarded, giving replies as you dont know

        • Gabriel Ueta

          Coitado, tenho pena de você.

        • mandolinator

          for what? I have this fan on a 1151…. antes de dar respuestas que no sabes no las des…..

        • Gabriel Ueta


        • Gabriel Ueta

          E aí, Hermann, cadê os seus cadastros IANQUE PATIFE E DR. COXINHA, E OS DEMAIS, onde ora você ataca a direita, ora a esquerda (ambas a mesma coisa) para jogar o povo contra ele mesmo????

    • mandolinator

      yes its tottally compatible man

  • IAN

    i have a question about the installation
    i am using msi z97 gmaing 3 as my motherboard. i wonder where my 3 pin pump should go as all CPU_fan headers are 4 pin and pwm controlled. should plug it to a system fan header ( which is pseudo 4 pin with the last pin reads ‘NC’) instead or put it another way, should i control the speed of the pump or let it run full blast?

    • WRC

      did anyone answer your question?

      • Mackmario8

        The plug will still fit on the four pin header, it just won’t use pwm to control the speed.