Corsair LL120 RGB LED Fan Triple Pack Review

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Corsair LL120 RGB LED Fan Triple Pack – Lighted Loops Of Beauty

Corsair LL120 RGB Triple Pack Retail Box - Branding

I had an enjoyable experience installing and testing out the Corsair LL120 RGB Fan Triple Pack. The Corsair Link software was streamlined and worked great with the new LL RGB fans, never giving me any issues or crashing, despite the fans being brand new and only officially releasing at the time of this review being published. It’s been over a year since I’ve used Corsair Link software and things have improved quite a bit over that time in terms of how stable the program is. I also didn’t notice any high memory usage or CPU usage scenarios when using Corsair Link, which is something I was keen to look for, given the DPC latency issues I had when I last used the program.

Corsair RGB LED Fans installed in MC5 w/GTX 1080

The RGB effects produced by the Corsair LL RGB fans are the best I’ve ever seen, allowing for some excellent customization options that aren’t available with other fans. Corsair has done a great job of integrating the RGB LED’s on the LL RGB fans, as they are properly spaced and have excellent transitional effects. With the Corsair HD RGB fans, you could see the LED and the lighting was super bright, but way less controlled than it is on the LL series. The frosted fan blades and lighting ring on the LL RGB diffuse the lighting so consistently across the entire fan and really add to the overall quality of the product. Corsair truly has produced the best looking RGB fans on the market with the LL RGB.

I was very pleased with the LL120 RGB fans in terms of their noise level and overall build quality. The fans all installed without issue and sat perfectly in their install locations, with the rubber isolation bumpers on the corners doing an excellent job of preventing vibration and keeping the fans rattle-free when they were running in the highest RPM range. I installed the three Corsair LL RGB fans as exhaust in my MasterCase 5 and there wasn’t a noticeable increase in noise over my Corsair MagLev fans. Even when running at 1500 RPM, the LL RGB fans remained relatively quiet, though you could definitely hear the sound of air being moved at a rapid rate. The LL RGB are well built case fans, with quality components being used throughout and Corsair has made sure that they are ready for prime time.

Corsair LL120 RGB fan, visible through tempered glass

Given the lower static pressure rating of the Corsair LL RGB fans compared to the Corsair HD RGB fans, I would still recommend the HD series fans for radiator installations. For exhaust fans and intake fan scenarios where the front of the fans will be visible, the LL RGB fans will be the best choice, as they offer an excellent combination of airflow and low noise operation, on top of the best RGB effects in the industry. I can see the logical progression from here being integrating Corsair MagLev fans with the dual RGB ring design we see in the LL fans, but those would probably cost quite a premium and we’re already dealing with $35 fans, here.

The Corsair LL120 RGB Fan Triple Pack really hits a solid value proposition when you consider the separate costs of the Lighting Node Pro and RGB LED Fan Hub. The LL120 RGB Fan Triple Pack kit costs $119.99, while a single LL120 RGB fan comes in at $34.99 MSRP, which means the cost of three fans alone is $105 and they don’t come with the Lighting Node Pro or RGB LED Fan Hub. Comparatively, you will end up spending $130 on a Triple Pack of the NZXT AER RGB 120MM fans with a Hue+ controller, which is about $10 more than the cost of the Corsair LL120 RGB Triple Fan Pack.


In my opinion, consumers have two viable choices when it comes to quality RGB fans with ring lighting and software controlled effects, the Corsair LL RGB and NZXT AER RGB. While the NZXT AER RGB are great fans, they get left behind by the advanced dual zone RGB effects and excellent build quality provided by the Corsair LL RGB fans. If you want the best looking RGB fans available, along with a nice balance of airflow and low noise operation, the Corsair LL RGB fans are definitely the fans for you. The price of admission on the LL RGB fans isn’t cheap, but once they are installed, get ready for fun, cool ride down the RGB highway.

Legit Bottom Line: If you want amazing looking, quiet, well-built RGB fans that offer decent airflow and the ability to control them through intuitive, easy to use software, the Corsair LL120 RGB Fan Triple Pack is an excellent choice. 



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  • Rene Alas

    Help please. Do i connect fans to the hub or straight to motherboard. I want to install two ll120 x3 kits. Motherboard is msi z97 gaming 5 and it doesnt have six fan headers. Do i need splitters or they dont connect to motherboard at all. Thank you.

    • Sean Kumar Sinha


      The fans have two cables and need to connect to the hub for lighting control, only. You still need to connect them to a 4-PIN PWM fan header to power the fan motor, otherwise the fans won’t spin, they’ll just light up. You can use splitters to power the fans from a PWM fan header, or use something like the Corsair Commander to power the fans.

  • GP

    I have a MSI Z270-A-PRO mobo… nothing fancy. Do I need anything special?

    • Sean Kumar Sinha

      Just an open USB 2.0 header on the motherboard and the LL Kit with the Lighting Node Pro will work fine. Your board should have two USB 2.0 headers on the bottom section of the board, to the left of the reset and power header section.

      • GP

        Wonderful, thank you. I’d to ensure that I’ll not need any special connection on the motherboard

        • Sean Kumar Sinha

          Nothing special, just a standard USB 2.0 header is all you’ll need. The fans themselves will connect to your motherboard headers and the LED control runs to the Lighting Node Pro via the fan hub. The only thing that connects to your motherboard is a single USB connection.

  • Eliad Buchnik

    cooling and noise wise how do they compare to the corsair ML pro ?

    • Sean Kumar Sinha

      Glad you asked!

      They are a little bit more noisy than the ML Pro (I had the red RGB MagLev Pro’s) and they move a LITTLE bit less air. However, the compare very well to the ML pro and are quiet fans, in general. The ML are amazingly quiet, but these are very close.

      I have an upcoming review in which I will do sound measurements of the ML vs LL from the rear exhaust position.

  • NoOneWantstoWatchYouStream

    Can you individually program every single led to any color you want? How come you reviewers never do that with anything RGB? Every Trident Z RGB ram review just shows us the damn rainbow wave, but never user created lighting, so can these fans be programmed to have the LED’s alternate between three different colors of my choice? or 16 different colors for each LED in the fan is I so choose?

    • Sean Kumar Sinha

      Good question. When we do a review, we often times have a few days to install, test and write about the product, including taking photos and videos. While it would be great to test everything and take pics of it all, it’s just not possible due to all of the configurations possible. In my situation, I installed the fans in my personal case and did testing with Corsair Link and have tried the various modes, but to screenshot and write about each mode would lead to a 10,000 word review that not many people are going to sit through. I hope you understand the issue and why you see this happening in so many reviews.

      Right now, the individual LED’s are not addressable by the user. They are obviously addressable, since effects are able to toggle LED’s from the Corsair Link software, but Corsair hasn’t opened up that functionality within the software. (The Marquee mode in particular tells me that individual LED control isn’t an issue)

      Now, whether Corsair opens up the software more for exacting control is another thing. I stand by my feelings/review that the LL series are the best looking RGB fans out and that their mix of performance and low noise operation make them a great choice for a case fan.

  • NoOneWantstoWatchYouStream

    So you don’t think the Premium Plus Riing Fans from thermaltake, the first with addressable LEDs and what NZXY and Corsair basically copied have good looking fans? Personally, I think the Aigo Aurora fans (though not sold in North America) are the best looking…they’re fully addressable,have 16 LEDs in the “ring”, and a five pack WITH controller only costs about $60 on aliexpress. Also, they can be controlled by ANY digital LED controller, even an arduino, because they are seen as addressable LED strips by every controller

    • Sean Kumar Sinha

      Those are fine fans, but they don’t have a center ring. When I reviewed the LL from Corsair, I made the point of pointing out that they have effects not possible on other fans due to having a center LED. The AIGO kits are fine, but there are areas that the Corsair fans can’t be touched: The Dual LED rings allow for transition effects within the fan, for some cool, easily programmable features. Secondly, the fan blades on the Corsair have a nice diffuse material that spreads the light evenly. The AIGO fans are good, with a decent transluscent material, but their CFM rating/airflow leave something to be desired and they are a bit louder than the Corsair LL series fans. The Thermaltake fans are decent, but again, only have that center ring. Also, of all the fans, the Corsair look the best from the back, as the diffuse material does a great job of spreading the light evenly. I am glad there are choices for consumers, but right now, I think the LL series RGB fans offer the best mix of looks AND quiet performance of any RGB fan out there. Thanks for your inquiry.