Alienware X51 R2 Desktop Gaming System Review

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System Power Consumption

Alienware X51 R2 System Power Consumption

It was no surprise that the Alienware X51 R2 was pulling less power at the wall than our test system. The Alienware X51 R2 was sipping power at idle pulling only 44 Watts while the ECS Z87H3-A2X and Intel Core i7-4770K was pulling 64Watts. Loading up the CPU with AIDA64 Stress test the X51 system was pulling a peak of 94Watts while the ECS board was pulling 145Watts! Firing up 3DMark Firestrike and relying heavily on the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 the gap closes a bit but the Alienware X51 R2 still pulls 28 Watts less than the ECS Z87H3-A2X and Intel Core i7-4770K.

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  • Vinyl Scratch (PON-3)

    what hard drives are compatible with this pc that will bump the 5.9 to 7.9 in experience indexing

  • John

    I’d like to address that the Windows Experience Index score and review on the bottom of the first page can be misleading information. First of all, It’s on a scale of 1.0 – 7.9, so most of them components reach or are close to MAXIMUM score, which is awesome. Also, Windows 7 has a problem, in which Primary Hard Disk ratings are generally 5.9 the highest, even for most of the high-end hard disks, so that part can be ignored. WIth an ACTUAL average base score of 7.75 / 7.9, this is easily one amazing high-end computer.

  • joey

    Does the keyboard on this light up??

    • ihd1234567890

      Judging by the keyboard image I saw on their website, I don’t believe so.

  • Kevin

    I have the AW 14 (2 years old now) and just picked up the basic AW X51 connected to a 24 inch Dell HD display and I’m in heaven. I mainly enjoy shooters but would like to see a Forza racing game for PC someday. Guess that’s why I keep my XBOX 🙂

  • Randome Guy

    How do i know if I have R2 or R1? Im not sure what i got…

    • ihd1234567890

      They don’t have R1 model products at their website. The R1 model is mainly noticeable by its graphics card, since that’s the part that gamers want. R1 has GTX 540 and 545. R2 goes up to GTX 740 Ti

  • Jess B. Balatbat

    Was thinking about my purchasing experience with Dell/Alienware. To Dell’s credit, it was very easy to buy. I actually had someone on chat while I was surfing the website (on a Sunday as well). I kinda new that the specs were good from my research, and asked a few technical questions. They also offered a discount. 

    From PC build perspective, I have no complaints. Runs BF4 with max settings with no lag, runs quiet, small footprint and nice case. Would benefit from SSD definitely. If all things being equal in terms of comparing builds between different pc’s, one of the key differences is to be able to get a pc built to these specs and build quality (don’t forget with warranty). It did take 10 days so not exactly off the shelf. 

    Having built my own pc before and things don’t quite go right, it can be hard to troubleshoot. It’s also nice to have dedicated forums as Alienware is quite mainstream (versus trawling hardware sites for issues/questions if you had to build yourself). 

    Ultimately you need to think about usage. For small form factor that will be able to handle latest gen with ‘some’ potential upgradeability then this is pretty good and can be purchased conveniently.

  • Sam

    I’ve been wanting this for awhile now but my boyfriend tells me it’s a bad choice and I’ll be wasting my money. I don’t want to mess anything up by building my own and I don’t want a huge computer taking up space so I thought this was the perfect choice but now I’m not so sure

    • crAB

      Hey, if you’d like some advice regarding building an ITX system, head over to

      Everyone there is pretty knowledgeable and helpful.

    • AgentDeep

      This is quite late reply but you could build ITX system as what crAB is suggesting. A Bitfenix Prodigy case as an example.

    • Your boyfriends a lair this is the best computer youll ever have in your life.
      Well maybe not the best but a pretty DAMN good one.

    • Jurick Pastechi Genaro

      Your boyfriend is right. You can build your own pc even better than this and still pay less than this build alienware 🙂

    • will95

      you boyfriend was right. You can build a computer alot cheaper and have it way better than alienware. Alienware is over priced. I have an alienware but i didnt buy it.

    • alex

      now a days you can build your own system, smaller and more powerful for the same price.

  • fenix144

    Man the inside of that pc is ugly. I know why they don’t put a panel on there.

    • ydnar

      The inside is absolutely amazing. Everything is compact and its really easy to assemble and disassemble. Who cares if its ugly in the inside. The main thing is it serves its purpose, which is putting everything in a compact space while still making it function well and stay cool which is it what it does. I can literally take it apart and put it back together in less than 30 mins. Who cares about what the inside looks like honestly, I think Alienware did a great job on this design

  • Jess B. Balatbat

    Hi Thanks for the review. I’ve had the x51 r2 for about 2 months now and agree about the boot time. Have had an ssd on my old laptop and was wondering if you think there would be space to slot in an ssd as boot up disk with the original as slave. From the photos looks like a snug fit plus not sure if extra cables are available. Was it easy to dissemble?

    Everything else is pretty awesome but just need some spare time so asking the question first.

    • Dan Stoltz

      Sorry about the delay, but there should be room to pop in a SSD inside the chassis. The i7 edition of the X51 has the option for a 256GB SSD as well as a hard drive. It’s only a couple of screws to remove the Graphics card carrier. If memory serves, there are only 2 screws to do that.

      • Jess B. Balatbat

        I know it has been awhile but thanks for responding. Haven’t quite had the time to add an SSD at the moment as machine is running well. Am curious if anyone has added an SSD?

        • Obiwabkenewby

          I have, there are no screw mounts for the ssd. I used some foam tape to mount the ssd over the DVD drive.