Xigmatek Loki, Gaia and Aegir CPU Cooler Review Roundup

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Xigmatek Tower Cooler Round Up

Xigmatek Tower Cooler Round Up

Xigmatek has been around for many years. They started out with CPU coolers and now have a wide range of products from coolers for just about everything to cases, power supplies, and their own line of thermal paste. Today we are looking at 3 of their CPU coolers, the Loki, Gaia, and Aegir. Xigmatek pulls their product names from mythology. Loki is from Norse mythology, mostly known for being a shape shifting trouble maker. Gaia is from Greek mythology, also known as Mother Earth. Aegir is again from Norse mythology is the god of the sea.

Xigmatek Tower Cooler Round Up Coolers

When it comes to Xigmatek coolers there are couple things that have proven to be a given for their coolers. First they are almost always H.D.T. or Heatpipe Direct Touch coolers, and their fans are rubber isolator mounted. This tends to make their coolers lighter and quieter than the competition.

Xigmatek Loki Tower Cooler

The Loki is the smallest of the group we are looking at today. Being only 134mm tall and sporting a 92mm fan, it will be the smallest cooler we have ever run on our Intel Core i7 test bench aside from the stock Intel HSF. Coming in at 330g without the fan the Loki is also very close to the lightest cooler we have tested, too. It is going to be very interesting to see how the Loki can handle the Intel Core i7-930 processor at even a mild overclock due to its small size. The Loki is available for just $22.99, so it’s clearly aimed at budget friendly consumers or those that want a small HSF.

Xigmatek Gaia Tower Cooler

The Gaia is in the middle of the pack. Coming in a 159mm and sporting a 120mm fan the Gaia is more like coolers we have been seeing as of late. The main difference is the overall weight. Coming in at a scant 460g without the fan the Gaia is light compared to coolers of the same dimensions. Also coming in at the $29.99 mark the Gaia carries an entry level budget price, but with the larger size and 120mm fan the performance should be better than the Loki.

Xigmatek Aegir Tower Cooler

Then we have the $60 Xigmatek Aegir. The Aegir is the biggest of the bunch. It is 159mm tall like the Gaia, but the Aegir has more heatpipes and also has some of the heatpipes doubled up on top of each other. The Aegir has a double layer of heatpipes on the center two heatpipes. Coming in at 670g the Aegir is the heaviest of the group and also the only one of the group to have an LED fan. Also, out of the norm is that Xigmatek went with white LEDs for the Aegir’s fan. Let’s take a closer look at these coolers and then move on to testing!

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