Turtle Beach Z60 7.1 Audio Gaming Headset Review


Final Thoughts and Conclusions

With everything we have discussed here, it’s time for my personal opinion based on the hours that I have spent wearing and using the Turtle Beach Z60 headset. First, my previous headset was the Cooler Master Sirius 5.1 which uses a mid-line puck to adjust the surround volume for each channel. I have used that particular headset for about four years, and have to say that the Turtle Beach Z60’s have replaced the Sirius 5.1’s. The Z60’s are much lighter, and more comfortable for extended usage. Whether the Z60’s will hold up as well as the Sirius headset, I can’t answer that, but Turtle Beach’s reputation would leave me to believe they should, assuming the same care was taken when they are not in use.


The circumaural earcups do a pretty good job at blocking background noise, which is important when playing certain games to know where the enemy is coming from. There is a downside to this, while I was watching a horror movie with the Z60’s on, the background noise was so diminished, somebody was able to walk up behind me and made me jump. While the design of the earcups isn’t a new design, they do clamp onto my head a little tight, however they are still extremely comfortable after wearing them for 9 hours while working.


The latest feature is the DTS Headphone:X, which creates the 7.1 audio from a single 60mm neodymium in each earcup. I found that this works to a certain extent, especially for movies and music. For games it takes a little getting used and sometimes the positional audio can be a little hard to pinpoint the exact location, but it does help to know when something is coming up from behind you. That single 60mm driver does a great job at keeping the audio crisp and clear at any volume level, and with the right setting on the control unit the bass was incredibly powerful. Not many gaming headsets can reproduce that amount of bass.

The Turtle Beach Z60 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset is a great headset for those that do not want to pay a lot for a great sounding headset. While paying $104.99 with free shipping might seem like a lot to somebody on a tight budget, a good headset can last you for years (the Z60’s also have a one year warranty) and audio is an important part of gaming, listening to music or watching movies. If these are within your price range, they are definitely worth checking out, they are comfortable, well built, sound great, and can be used for PC or mobile devices.

LR Recommended Award

Legit Bottom Line: if you are looking for an extremely comfortable gaming headset then the Z60 is a perfect choice. Toss in the 7.1 DTS Headphone:X compatibility and the incredible sound then you have a clear choice when looking for a great gaming headset.