Turtle Beach Z60 7.1 Audio Gaming Headset Review


Turtle Beach Z60 Overview

The Turtle Beach Z60 are a full size headphone with circumaural earcups. The Z60 is Turtle Beach’s lowest cost 7.1 Surround Sound headset designed for “Moderate” gamers.


The earcups are designed to be turned 90 degrees so they can rest against your shoulders. The pads themselves are foam padded and wrapped in a mesh fabric to make them comfortable. Some prefer a leather type of material, I however prefer the fabric. Everybody will have their own opinion on that. The inside of the earcups are a lighter weight fabric than the earpads, and has the Turtle Beach logo in red. The top of the headband has the same fabric material as the earcups.


The top of the headband is plain, and Turtle Beach has put their company name up here. The top of the headband is foam wrapped around the hard plastic frame.


The earcups can be extended by 1″ and has marks to indicate how far they are extended. These marks also act as a locking mechanism within the headband. To extend them, simply pull down on the earcups and they will slide out of the headband.


Removing the earcups padding, we can see the large 60mm neodymium driver behind the hard plastic shell.


On the left earcup is the hardware audio cable, and the microphone port which has been keyed for it to be installed in one direction.


When the microphone is attached it can be bent in any direction or shape. It comes with a rubber sheath that can be removed. The microphone does not have any foam over the end so any wind/breathing noise can be picked up.


While the Z60 headphones themselves has a standard 3.5mm headset plug which allows it to connect to any device that has a standard headset connector. The main feature of the Z60 is the 7.1 Surround Sound and the HeadphoneX compatibility. In order to achieve this, there is a control module that the headset plugs into and then using a USB connection connects to the PC. Nothing else is necessary to utilize the features of the Z60. The Z60 control module includes volume level for the sound and microphone. On the other side is a microphone mute and a pre-configured audio type selection. These audio types include Normal, Gaming, Movie and Music.


Everything is connected and ready to be tested. Let’s keep in mind that sound quality is a subjective matter, just like our personalities, our ears are different and can dictate what we like.