Thermaltake Core V71 Full-Tower Case Review


Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Like most case manufacturers, Thermaltake has a wide range of full tower cases available. From that point, it is a matter of choosing a style that has the features that are important to you. Almost all full tower cases will fit the long video cards, allow for multiple cooling options and supports a large number of hard drives. What sets the Core V71 apart is the style of the case, the incredible amount of potential for airflow, and the support for the largest liquid coolers (up to 420mm).


The Core V71 is a solid black case with light blue highlights on the hard drive trays. Thermaltake includes all the necessary accessories to install a complete system. Support for eight hard drives are provided by three hard drive cages, which can be removed if necessary. In addition, when you remove the cages, two hard drives can be installed on the back side of the cages using the hard drive trays.


Long video cards up to 13in in length can be installed in the Core V71 without any issues, if you happen to have a longer video card, removal of the hard drive cages will provide close to 16in of space.

Air Cooling Options

If you happen to prefer air cooling for your system, the following fan configurations can be installed in the Core V71

120mm 140mm 200mm Included
Front 3 2 2 2 x Blue LED 200mm
Top 3 2 2 1 x Blue LED 200mm
Back 1 1 1 x 140mm
Bottom 2

Liquid Cooling Options

If liquid cooling is more your style, things get a little more interesting in what can be installed.

120mm 140mm 240mm 280mm 360mm 420mm
Front Y y y y y y
Top Y y y y y y
Back Y
Bottom y Y

If I was to make any suggestions for improvement on the Core V71 it would be to allow the installation of a second 200mm fan on the top to be controlled by the controller for the other included 200mm fans. It would also be nice if the two hidden hard drive locations could be used with the hard drive cages installed. Other than that, it is near impossible to find anything wrong with the Core V71.

The Thermaltake Core V71 is available now with a price of $144.75 shipped. That includes everything we took a look at today with a 3 year warranty. At that price, it sits at the bottom of the mid-priced full towers, which makes it a great price for everything that the Core V71 offers.

LR Recommended Award

Legit Bottom Line: The Thermaltake Core V71 is an incredible full tower case that will support the longest video cards, and has enough cooling options to suit anybody’s needs.