ThermalRock Circle Full Tower Case

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Final Thoughts

This was an interesting case; it has very distinct and bold styling. I think it looks much better than some of the cases out there in terms of uniqueness. It will also be a conversation piece as most people will look at it and wonder what it is. While I like its style, spaciousness, and tool-less design the ThermalRock Circle may be to large for some power supplies. It is also very heavy, don?t buy this case if you frequent LAN parties.


  • Looks ? distinctive design that does not say just another computer
  • Space ? plenty of room for drives, cards and upgrades
  • Tool-less ? want to put in a new Hard Drive no screwdriver needed!
  • Cooling ? two 120mm fans opposite each other create good cooling
  • Mod potential ? this thing screams mod me, it comes with a window and has lots of room for water
  • Build quality ? its steal baby just try to bend or break it, not gonna happen
  • Quiet ? not silent but still good acoustics while maintaining its thermal properties
  • USB/FireWire ? easy access to the USB and FireWire ports


  • Heavy ? once you place it your likely to keep it there
  • PSU compatibility ? you?re going to have to check to make sure yours fits
  • Bright ? lights are cool but I found these too bright for 24hr use in my room
  • Cost ? at $135 before shipping, it?s expensive
  • Availability ? clicking our shopping link only turned up one online store selling this case

Legit Bottom Line:

The ThermalRock Circle is a head turner, and a back breaker. If it?s your thing then by all means you will likely be happy with this case. If price or mobility is a big part of your buying decision then this is not the case for you.

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