ThermalRock Circle Full Tower Case

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The ThermalRock Circle arrived in good condition with only normal shipping abuse to the box. I must say I was surprised by the wait of the case, according to the shipping label its 35lbs. The packaging was adequate and I found no dents or scrapes on the exterior of the case. ThermalRock also covered the acrylic with plastic to prevent scratching during transport.

The front of the box has an attractive full color image of the case both with the lights on and with them off. On the back of the box photos show off the key features of the case, including the colored CD-R’s on the front of the case. The layout is simple and nice making it easy to see what this case has to offer before even opening up the box.

Styrofoam inserts hold the case about an inch away from the sides of the box. They ship it with the front panel facing up so you can see what you’re getting as you open the box. It’s a subtle psychological thing but I know I appreciated it, made it feel like I was getting a present. Further protecting the case is a plastic bag ensuring that water and moisture are kept out.

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