Swiftech H20-220 Edge HD Liquid Cooling Kit Review


Looking closer at the MCR 220 Drive Radiator

Swiftech MCR 220 Drive

With the MCR 220 drive unit out of the packing we can see that the fans are pre-installed with fan guards. Included in the box are two 1/2″ fittings and hose clamps.

Swiftech MCR 220 Drive

Flipping the unit over, we see there is space to add two more fans for a push/pull configuration.

Swiftech MCR 220 Drive pump

On the pump end we can see the Integrated MCP35X PWM controlled pump and the three return ports. The pump has an RPM sensor wire for connecting to the motherboard, as well as a 4 pin molex connector for power. All of the ports are standard G1/4 ports.

Swiftech MCR 220 Drive reservoir

On the opposite end is the reservoir there are two fill ports. When installed, one of these two ports will be pointed up for filling the system.

Swiftech MCR 220 Drive fin count

The unit has a fin count of 14 fins per inch.

Swiftech MCR 220 Drive parts

Included with the unit are power reducers for the fans to run at 5 or 7 volts. The 5 volt reducers are 4 pin molex to 3 pin fan connectors. The 7 volt reducers are in-line resistors. Also included is mounting hardware and fill port cover if the end user needs to drill a hole in the case to access the fill port.

Swiftech MCR 220 Drive drawing

To help end users know if the unit will fit in their case Swiftech provides a measured drawing on their site that shows all the dimensions.

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