Super Talent Luxio 64GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive


Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Luxio 64GB Side Logo

I have very few complaints about the drive itself and they are minor at that. Some people may be turned off with the lack of lanyard but I personally rarely use one. The supplied case is nice and keeps the drive from being scratched in a pocket or bag. The lack of a secure place to put the cap while in use is a little annoying, especially if you are clumsy like me and tend to knock things off the desk into small, unreachable areas. The cap will also only fit on in one direction so you may find yourself fumbling with it to get it on properly, but it does fit snugly and will not fall off accidentally. Again, these are small complaints but valid just the same. Although $139.99 shipped may seem like a lot to some, this is right in line with current prices and 32MB drives are roughly half that price so the price to capacity ratio is maintained. Prices continue to fall on flash based products, so I would expect to see this price drop as the year goes on and larger capacities are rolled out.

Luxio 64GB Plugged In

Legit Bottom Line: With its unsurpassed capacity, respectable performance and lifetime warranty, the 64GB Super Talent Luxio drive is a fine choice for those needing a large capacity USB drive. While it won’t bring home the prize for performance, the copious storage coupled with the built-in encryption make it a winner for data on the go.

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