SteelSeries Siberia X300 (Siberia v3) Gaming Headset Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusion

There’s nothing too spectacular about this Xbox One version of the Siberia v3 headset from SteelSeries. The Siberia X300 uses the same headset bundled with an Xbox One headset adapter meant for compatibility with the original run of the Xbox One controllers. Those with the newer refreshed controllers with the integrated 3.5mm analog headset jack can use the base Siberia v3.SteelSeries Siberia X300

Moving on, there’s nothing outrageous about the Siberia v3 headset either. SteelSeries stayed within safe territory keeping much of the Siberia v2 design with this updated version. However, there also wasn’t much to improve upon and the differences between the two headsets will come down to preferences and value.SteelSeries Siberia X300

As a note, the $129.99 price for the Siberia X300 on Amazon is a convenience trap. It’s not that hard to find the official Xbox One headset adapter. The Siberia v3 may not have the most interesting sound character as it lacks in bass, but the overall sound quality is fair for the price at $62.99 on Amazon. That compares favorably to other competing mid-range gaming headsets. It gets better when considering that the Siberia v3 is comfortable to wear and seemingly durable. We’re more used to seeing this quality on more expensive gaming headsets and thus we’re giving the Siberia v3 (and Siberia X300) our recommendation.

LR Recommended Award

Legit Bottom Line: The SteelSeries Siberia X300 is just a Siberia v3 headset bundled with an Xbox One headset adapter. The headset itself is comfortable and affordable, but its subdued bass lends to a more boring sound character.

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