SteelSeries Siberia X300 (Siberia v3) Gaming Headset Review

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Looking Around the SteelSeries Siberia X300

The SteelSeries Siberia X300 is a full sized closed back circumaural headset. It is a Siberia v3 headset bundled with an Xbox One headset adapter for compatibility with pre-refresh Xbox One controllers.SteelSeries Siberia X300

The Siberia X300 features SteelSeries signature retractable microphone which winds up in the left earcup. The boom is flexible enough to be bent in any convenient direction yet stiff enough to be easily pushed back into the earcup.SteelSeries Siberia X300

The lightweight plastic earcups comprise the bulk of the headset’s weight as the headband is comprised of two curved rods and a spring loaded suspended headband.SteelSeries Siberia X300

We see a pair of metal cables at the ends of the self-adjusting headband.SteelSeries Siberia X300

The earpads are made from memory foam wrapped in a soft plastic with a leather like texture.

SteelSeries Siberia X300

The earcups have one joint with the headband. This doesn’t give the Siberia X300 a great deal of mechanical flexibility. The holes on the outside of the earcup serve no functional purpose on the Siberia X300.

Additionally, on the left earcup towards the back is a microphone mute slider.SteelSeries Siberia X300

The Siberia X300 comes with an Xbox One headset adapter. This is meant for those who have pre-refresh Xbox One controller. This adapter plugs into the charge port on the bottom of the controller and provides not only a 3.5mm analog jack, but media controls as well. The controls include game balance, chat balance, microphone mute, headphone mute, and volume up and down.SteelSeries Siberia X300

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