SteelSeries Rival Gaming Mouse Review

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Looking Around the SteelSeries Rival

The SteelSeries Rival follows some familiar design principles seen on some other gaming mouse. This is a right-handed ergonomic mouse with dimensions of 2.76 in (W) x 5.23 in (L) x 1.8 in (H) (70mm x 133mm x 45 mm) and a weight of 0.28 lbs (128 g.) Its length and height provide support for the palm of the hand, while the tapered width places the ring finger and pinkie onto the edge onto the right-side rubber grip of the mouse. Claw grip users won’t have too much trouble using the Rival due to its light weight and skinny profile, but they may lose out on being able to use both side thumb buttons.SteelSeries Rival Gaming Mouse

The surface of the Rival is a rubberized matte black coat that scratches fairy easily against hard objects. Our review sample was scratched by its own USB plug while carrying it on the go, resulting in faint lines crossing the matte black finish.SteelSeries Rival Gaming Mouse

On each side of the mouse are textured rubber grips. They help keep the Rival under control even if the palm of the hand isn’t making full contact with the dome of the mouse.SteelSeries Rival Gaming Mouse

To the rear end of the mouse we see the illuminated SteelSeries logo and just below that the removable nameplate.SteelSeries Rival Gaming Mouse

Two nameplates are included with the Rival and are rubber blocks the slide into a recess in the mouse.SteelSeries Rival Gaming Mouse

On the right side are two hard plastic thumb buttons. Their tactility and responsiveness is surprisingly similar to that of the primary mouse buttons. Users who hold the mouse in the palm of their hand should have little trouble using both buttons, but those with claw grips may be only able to reach one button. Like all the other buttons on the Rival, the side buttons are fully programmable in SteelSeries Engine 3.SteelSeries Rival Gaming Mouse

The rubber textured scroll wheel has a soft bump for tactility when rolled. In between the primary buttons and near the scroll wheel is a small button which by default toggles between the two user-defined DPI sensitivity settings. Both the scroll wheel button and the DPI button are programmable.SteelSeries Rival Gaming Mouse

On the underside of the mouse is the IR optical sensor. The optical light source produces IR light which is invisible to the eye.

Four smooth plastic feet on each corner raise the mouse reducing the surface for friction.SteelSeries Rival Gaming Mouse

The Rival connects to computers by USB. Nothing unusual here.SteelSeries Rival Gaming Mouse

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