Sentey GS-6000 Optimus Mid Tower Case Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusions

Performance, Quality, Innovation, and Sustainability are the words of Sentey. The Sentey Optimus GS-6000 mid-tower does exactly what its supposed to do at its given price point. For performance and quality I have to say that the Optimus gets the job done as you have to remember this is a mid-tower that is shipped to your door for $49.99. Not a bad price considering that it includes four case fans, a fan controller for one fan and shipping to your door. The appearance of the Sentey Optimus is also rather bold and way better than some of the other bland looking cases at this price point. Sentey wanted a case for under $50 that would appeal to gamers and this case has the looks and the airflow that gamers demand.


Buying the Sentey Optimus GS-6000 might just be the right choice for many. Any avid PC builder on a budget has a good building block here. A builder won’t be embarrassed either by the nice styling of the Optimus series. For innovation I had some fun with this. When I first saw the name
Sentey chose for these models. After pulling it out of the retail box
and while building it I had some subtle almost subliminal thoughts on
the design. Not sure if it’s the geek in me or not but the design made
me think of some 1980s TV shows and cartoons that have been modernized
for this design.

Sure there are some limitations to this case. First thing notice is that the front ports do not have any USB 3.0 slots. Sure, Sentey may be light on screws and other accessories as well but any PC builder can get around the lack of accessories. The thumb screws felt a bit cheap, but that is something you can always replace on your own if you wanted it. I do believe also the top fan on the case should be moved slight closer to the front of the case, maybe an inch to help improve airflow.

There are a lot of fun things about this case. First I do like that there is a built in media card reader. Although I did not get to see the GS-6000R which seems to be the GS-6000 with red accent I am satisfied with the design. The blue LEDs area are a nice touch to the styling. Although taking the front of the case off might be inconvenient for some, I do like the end result with my optical drive being behind the honey combed bezel. I am a fan also of the hard drive caddies. I found them easy to work with and I don’t feel like they will break while installing. Cable management is also available as well with cut out in the mother board tray and releasable zip ties.

Mentioned a few times in this article is the price point. Starting at under $50 the Optimus GS-6000 is a nice case to work with. I did think at first glance it was a simple case with no frills but the Optimus grew on me. The Optimus GS-6000R also appears to be the same design but with red accents as the GS-6000.

A fair comparison to the GS-6000 would be the Antec 300 Illusion as it retails for $54.99 shipped. Antec does a nice job with their 300 Illusion and has features very similar to the Optimus GS-6000. I am one usually to go with tried and true brand like Antec but I have to say this, Sentey surprised me. The Optimus GS-6000 is also more stylized than the Antec 300 illusion in my humble opinion. It is certainly worth a try for a PC builder if you prefer the looks of the exterior. 

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Legit Bottom Line: Sentey sticks to its philosophy while making a name for themselves. The Optimus GS-6000 compares well to other brands in the sub $50 price category while out stylizing them.

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