Sentey GS-6000 Optimus Mid Tower Case Review

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Sentey Optimus GS-6000 PC Case

Sentey is an up and coming company from the USA. Sentey would like to be an internationally known company with the idea of enhancing the PC builders experience in an ever growing world of technology. Sentey has a base philosophy of four words, performance, quality, innovation, and sustainability. We will take a look at the new Sentey Optimus GS-6000 to see if this affordable PC mid-tower case meets Sentey’s own philosophy.


The Sentey GS-6000 Optimus chassis takes a dive into the under $50 range of mid-tower cases as it is currently priced at $49.99 with free shipping at Newegg .  We will see how much technology is in this Sentey case for the price. At first glance the case looks sharp and offers some nice features for the price. After the first glance let’s see what this PC case has to offer that may help us build and transform our opinion of Sentey and the Optimus GS-6000.

The sub $50 price range should appease to the most any PC builder. Entry and novice builders should have an easy time building with this case and the fours fans that come installed on it. There is support for water cooling if an experienced builder wants an affordable case in which they can build their machines.

The Sentey Optimus GS-6000 comes only in black. There appears to be a modified version, GS-6000R that is also black but has a red outlining in the photograph on the Sentey site. Sentey classifies these cases in the subset of their extreme category. There are LED lights on some of the case fans for a gamers’ delight

We never like to see a new item break down but sometimes it happens to the best of us. Sentey has a one year warranty that seems to be the norm with this category of PC case. The case seems to have a simple layout on the inside so one would think that this peace of mind won’t need to be used no matter who the builder is.

This case is clearly for the budget friendly gamer. One who is looking to experiment with water cooling may want to take a look at this series. An entry level builder may also be happy with this case as a flashy first build. An advanced build may also take a long look at this case with the features that comes with it for the price. Below we will take a look at what Sentey’s Optimus GS-6000 features are, which might just pursue a PC builder it’s way.

The Sentey Optimus GS-6000 now has a web page up on the web site here. But we also have listed the highlights of this page below.

Sentey GS-6000 Optimus Features:

  • Black chassis
  • 120mm top led fan
  • 120mm frontal led fan
  • 180mm side led fan
  • 120mm rear fan
  • Fan control
  • Dminesions: 19.09″ (L) x 7.48″ (W) x 18.31″ (H)
  • Frontal ports E/S: Usb 2.0 x 2 + Aud. and Mic.
  • Card Reader: MMC/SD
  • Motherboard: ATX, Micro ATX
  • Gross Weight: 5.8 Kg
  • Net Weight: 4.9 kg
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