Sapphire Radeon R7 260X 2GB OC 2x DVI Video Card Review

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SAPPHIRE R7 260X 2GB GDDR5 OC 2x DVI Packaging

Sapphire R7 260X Box Front

Sapphire always has eye catching graphics on the front of their packaging, the R7 260X has an alien looking creature that should get people’s attention.  The front doesn’t provide a lot of information, with just the model number and a six of the features listed.

Sapphire R7 260X Box Back

The back of the box goes over much more information; a user should have no difficulty in understanding what the R7 260X has to offer.  It discusses the DirectX 11.2 compatibility, multi-monitor and overclocking possibilities.

Sapphire R7 260X Video Card Packaging

While the box will provide a large amount of protection against shipping damage, Sapphire has gone an additional step and packaged the card in an anti-statis bubble bag.  In addition they put a label on it, letting the user know it has to have power from the power supply to work.

Sapphire R7 260X Accesories

A few accessories are included with the R7 260X, there is the standard driver disc, user manal and advertising book.  In addition a four pin-molex to six pin PCI-E power converter, a flexible CrossFireX bridge, and a DVI to VGA adapter.

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