Rosewill Legacy MX2-B Mid-Tower Case Review

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Legacy MX2-B Exterior Impressions

Rosewill Legacy MX2-B Full View

Rosewill kept the look of the Legacy MX2 to the basics, while providing a very modern look with the brushed aluminum and curves.  There are no strange angles or flashing lights to draw attention to the Legacy MX2, rather it relays on it’s minimalist feel and sleek curved edges to grab attention.  Rather than being very boxy, the four corners are rounded, and the base acts as its feet, raising the base of the case off the surface, allowing plenty of room for airflow into the case.  

Rosewill Legacy MX2-B Optical

The standard 5.25″ drive bay has been replaced with a slim line optical drive bay, which makes it hard enough to find the right components, however Rosewill has taken it one step further and also required it to be a slot load drive.  While this keeps the front of the case smooth, it does make it all that more difficult to find the exact drive a user might want.

Rosewill Legacy MX2-B Front I/O

At the bottom of the front panel is the normal front I/O cluster, which includes headphone/microphone jacks, two USB 2.0 and two SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports.  There are no vents here to interrupt the flow of the case.

Rosewill Legacy MX2-B Side

Taking a look at the side panel (both of the side panels look identical, so no reason to waste time looking at the other side), we find it smooth and devoid of any fans, windows or other features.  The only thing of not here is that the bottom edge is curved under the base of the case.

Rosewill Legacy MX2-B Back

The back panel has the standard features, seven PCI expansion slots, motherboard I/O key slot, and two 80mm fans.  There is no power supply hole, as that is mounted inside the case, instead there is only a power connector.  In the rare times it is needed, a hard power switch would be a nice feature to have.  However, simply pulling the power cable does the same thing.

Rosewill Legacy MX2-B Top

The top of the case continues the minimalist flow with only the top fan exhaust being present.

Rosewill Legacy MX2-B Bottom

The actual bottom of the case acts as a base, here two rubber anti-slide feet is present.  This keeps the base looking great and from sliding around on a desk.

Rosewill Legacy MX2-B Bottom Fans

The actual bottom of the case we find two fan filters for the bottom 120mm intake fans, and the power supply exhaust port.  The fan filters are easily removed for cleaning, which is vital as this is the only air intake on the case.

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