Rosewill Legacy MX2-B Mid-Tower Case Review

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Rosewill Legacy MX2-B Case Packaging

Legacy MX2-B Front

Rosewill does what it can to keep prices low, the Legacy MX2-B is packaged in a plain cardboard box which doesn’t give any details what is inside the box; of course that’s not a big deal as these will mostly be ordered over the internet.  Keeping it simple, the front and back are identical.  In the upper right corner, a little damage to the box happened in shipping.

Legacy MX2-B Side

As with the front and back being identical, the two sides are identical.  Here some identification information is displayed such as the model name (Legacy MX2-B), and weight; very little information is provided on the box.

Legacy MX2-B Internal

Inside the box, Rosewill has packed the Legacy MX2-B in pretty standard packing for a case.  The case itself, is in a soft foam bag, which is then surrounded on two sides by plastic foam blocks.

Legacy MX2-B Accessories

Plenty of accessories are included with the Legacy MX2-B case, included are five optical drive screws, thirteen rubber hard drive anti-vibration gaskets, eight fan screws, two motherboard stand-offs, ten 3.5″ drive thumbscrews, seven 2.5″ drive screws, eight 3.5″ drive screws, a large number of paper washers, motherboard screws, a tiny motherboard speaker and the important user manual.  The number of screws included are more than enough to install all options within the Legacy MX2-B case.

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