Rosewill Galaxy-03 ATX Mid Tower Case Review


Rosewill Galaxy-03 Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Rosewill designed the Galaxy case series with the gamer in mind, but also the gamer on a budget. It was designed to have an aggressive feel and give you the important things you want. The Galaxy-03 that we reviewed today was indeed feature filled, but did not come without flaws. It definitely didn’t feel too cheaply built, which is always a good thing.

Rosewill Galaxy-03 Mid Tower Case

The Galaxy-03 will set you back $49.99 shipped on Amazon or $39.99 after a $10 rebate on Newegg and comes with a 1 year warranty. This is definitely a case that is priced right.

The outside of the Galaxy-03 is decent looking, but by no means blow your mind spectacular. The sharp lines do add a bit of nice eye candy, but at the same time they do feel a bit awkward. To each their own, though, as some may really like it. I actually dont mind a small, unobtrusive company logo on my case so I can proclaim who it was made by, but this case had no sign that I could find that it was made by Rosewill. This isnt a con by any means, but rather an observation.

The filter on the bottom of the case is a nice addition, but its also a nice try. It removes backwards from what it should, plus its very difficult to remove as it is clipped in place. This filter should slide out from the rear to the rear, not from the rear to the front.

Rosewill Galaxy-03 Bottom Filter

One other minor annoyance that I had, but one annoyance that was easily remedied, was with the side panel. The side panel on the left side of the case was extremely difficult to remove. I found that the clips that hold it in place were scrunched down just a little too much, but I fixed that by bending them outward slightly.

On the inside, everything was laid about as best as it could in this mid tower case. I worked with a full tower case recently that wasnt easy to work with the wire management, but the Galaxy-03 actually out shined that one for function, because it actually worked. In all honesty, though, cable management isnt a very strong point with this case, but the bump out on the side panel helps assist with that flaw.

I wasnt a huge fan with how the hard drive installed, as it seemed a bit too close to the motherboard, making cable management difficult. The PSU also mounted rather close to the motherboard, but fortunately there was still enough room to get it in with ease.

Rosewill Galaxy-03 PSU Tightness

Speaking of fans, the included fans were decent and very quiet, but the blue LED on the front intake fan may be a problem for some. There is no way to turn this light off, unfortunately. I personally like blue LEDs, but they can be obnoxiously bright at times. You wont find yourself doing any larger water cooling outside of a 120mm radiator, if you even want to attempt that in this case.

Rosewill Galaxy-03 Hardware Installed

The next question you have to ask yourself, do you save a few more bucks and buy something a little nicer yet, or stick to your strict budget? That said, for $39.99 shipped after rebate the Rosewill Galaxy-03 offers a solid foundation for the average desktop PC and it is very affordable.

Legit Reviews Value Award

Legit Bottom Line: Rosewills Galaxy line is designed for users with a very limited budget in mind, and overall isnt too bad given how much it costs and seems to only have a few mostly minor flaws.