Rosewill Galaxy-03 ATX Mid Tower Case Review


Rosewill Galaxy-03 Exterior Impressions

Rosewill wanted to keep the cost of the Galaxy line down to assist the budget gamer with sticking to their budget. Obviously a budget case will knock out some features that youll find on say a $150 case, so lets take a look at the outside of this case and see what it all has to offer you for a mere $50.

The outside of the case was designed to look aggressive. As you can see from this shot, they definitely tried by adding sharp lines and some accent colors. This design may not appeal to everyone, but for the price could you look past some features that you dont like? I dont think the Galaxy-03 looks half bad for what youre paying.

Rosewill Galaxy-03 Mid Tower Case

Looking a bit closer at the front end, there are three 5.25 inch bays with fillers that are tool-free and very easy to remove.

Rosewill Galaxy-03 5.25 Bays

Another full front end view:

Rosewill Galaxy-03 Front

Removing the front end is very easy and done by simply tugging from the bottom. It will then expose the front intake fan and everything else.

Rosewill Galaxy-03 Front Removed

Moving to the left side of the case is a location to mount a 120 or 140mm fan to the side panel. The panel is bumped out to keep it uniform with the right hand side and looks nice.

Rosewill Galaxy-03 Left Side

Checking out the rear of the case, we find three holes for external water cooling, which have rubber grommets in them. I am honestly surprised to see the rubber grommets here, as I have seen more expensive cases just have metal knockouts. Also, back here we can see the rear mounted 120mm exhaust fan, seven expansion slots, and the bottom mounted power supply.

Rosewill Galaxy-03 Rear

Looking a bit closer at the expansion slots, you cant help but notice that six of the slots have different fillers than the top most slot. Rosewill opted to have only the top slot utilize a filler that can get screwed into place and the rest have to be knocked out. Fortunately included with the case are two extra fillers that can screw into place, should you find yourself removing an incorrect one or moving/removing a card.

Rosewill Galaxy-03 Expansion Slots

On the right side is just about nothing. This side panel has a bump out that matches the left side panel and this should help prove useful for wire management inside this case.

Rosewill Galaxy-03 Right Side

Hopping up top is where the I/O ports are located. Im happy to say that Rosewill didnt cheap out on this case and exclude USB 3.0, because they included a single USB 3.0 port along with two USB 2.0 ports. Also up here are headphone and microphone jacks, a reset button, and the large power button.

Rosewill Galaxy-03 Top

A closer view of the I/O panel:

Rosewill Galaxy-03 I/O Panel

The top panel can be removed completely, but only after you remove the front. When you remove the top panel, you expose the mounting for the top 120mm exhaust fan.

Rosewill Galaxy-03 Top Removed

Looking a bit closer at the 120mm fan, we can see the model number of: DF1202512SEMN, but unfortunately I cannot reference any proper specs to them, not even on Rosewill’s website.

Rosewill Galaxy-03 Fans

On the bottom of the case Rosewill did cut costs a little bit here. The feet are just plain old feet; no rubber here theyre all plastic. There is also a filter on the bottom that covers the PSU. This is a nice touch considering the cost of this case.

Rosewill Galaxy-03 Bottom

Removing the filter is a bit tricky and I have to say Rosewill didnt do a good job with this one. You have to essentially push a little clip (left side) and then move it towards the front of the case. This is backwards, and not to mention trying to push that clip in was very tricky. Id just recommend unclipping it and not clipping it back in place.

Rosewill Galaxy-03 Bottom Filter

Here is another shot of how the filter removes.

Rosewill Galaxy-03 Bottom Filter

That sums up the exterior of the Galaxy-03, so lets rip off the side panels and see whats under the hood.