Rosewill B2 Spirit Full Tower Case Review


Rosewill B2 Spirit External Impressions


The Rosewill B2 Spirit has a nice uniform finish to it, and is partially done with the “Soft Touch” paint, giving it a smooth, almost rubber feel to it. Being a full tower, it is rather large, coming in at 22.83″ x 9.84″ x 24.02″ (H x W x D). The exterior view is very understated, with no flashy colors or odd angles to make it stand out.


Starting at the front panel, we can immediately see there are four solid 5.25″ drive bay covers which will be removed from the inside before installing any 5.25″ devices. Below the 5.25″ bays is a solid panel that swings open for access to the front intake fans. Without any mesh or venting, the front intake fans will pull air in from the space between the door and the front panel, which is limiting.


Behind that front panel resides the two included 140mm fans; these are Rosewill DF1402512SEMN. Each of the two fans are filtered and are held in place with clips, not screws. The fan holders pop out of place with a simple push, releasing the push-lock mechanism. The door is pretty solid, and is held closed by a couple of magnets that are hidden behind two pieces of rubber. Also, some external damage to be aware of, on the side panel at the bottom is a small dent.


Moving along to the side panel, we can see a side window that should provide a good view of the GPU and various other components. It has a slightly unique look to it which can make it stand out a little. The side panel is not coated in the “Soft Touch” finish, it is done with normal paint, which can make for a small difference in color. At the top of the panel is the slider to raise the top panel, which we will look at shortly.


The outside of the window is covered with a piece of plastic to protect the window from scrapes. Unfortunately, this is only on one side, and our sample had some scratches on the inside of the panel, which is not protected. With that in mind, the review sample was shipped at least five times between Rosewill’s warehouse and the final destination. A case this heavy, being shipped that many times it arrived in great shape.


The back of the case has all the required common features; rear exhaust fan that will support either a 120mm or 140mm fan (140mm fan is included), motherboard I/O port key, 10 vented expansion slot covers with additional vents above the slots, and finally the bottom mounted power supply. Also, if you are using an external water cooling solution, at the very top of the case is four water cooling ports.


The bottom of the case has a filter, that not only covers the power supply intake, but the entire bottom panel. Rosewill made it easy to clean, simply pull it out of the back side of the case and you can easily slide it back into place once it’s cleaned. I was surprised at how heavy duty the bottom filter is. Taking it entirely out of the case, it was very rigid, and did not bend. Many of the cases I have seen with full length bottom filters they are pretty flimsy and bend with ease. This one does not bend or droop when taken out of the guides.


Like the front panel, the top panel is coated in their “Soft Touch” finish, which is very nicely done. If you aren’t aware of what the top panel has hidden, you might assume it is a solid panel. In the front section is the front I/O cluster hidden behind a door just above the power and reset buttons.


Behind the little sliding door is the front I/O cluster. Rosewill has done a great job with the I/O cluster by including four USB 3.0 ports, and two USB 2.0. There is also a headphone and a microphone jack hidden under the door. The door can use a little more thought, opening and closing the door multiple times it would stick a little and would need a little extra force to straighten it out.


Using the slider above the side panel window, a portion of the top panel raises up approximately 1/2 inch. This should allow for some decent airflow and provides a cool looking effect. As there are blue LED fans at the top, it’ll be interesting to see if the LED light shines through the top panel.


With the amount of hardware that a full tower can handle, along with it being made of steel, the B2 Spirit can be a very heavy case once it’s fully loaded. To support the weight and provide airflow into the power supply and bottom of the case, there are four large feet that raise it off the surface by 1.5″ inches. Each of the four feet have anti-slide rubber on them as well. The large filter we just took a quick look at, we can see how much of the bottom panel it covers. The area it doesn’t cover is where the 3.5″ drives would be, the rest of the bottom panel is open with a honeycomb patter for airflow.