A Quick First Look at the New Corsair Gaming Product Line

Corsair GamingToday, Corsair launched Corsair Gaming, a new line of high-end gaming peripherals that replaces the Vengeance naming. The new branding also features a new logo which appears on the first Corsair Gaming products, which are the K70 RGB, K95 RGB, and K65 RGB mechanical keyboards, M65 RGB gaming mouse, and H1500 and H2100 headsets. We have a few of these new Corsair Gaming products which we are going to share quickly along with some early thoughts after using them for just two days. Complete reviews for the three products, K70 RGB keyboard, M65 RGB mouse, and H2100 headset, will come from us at a later time. More details and images of the new Corsair Gaming products can be viewed in the official press release.Corsair Gaming

K70 RGB Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

The Corsair Gaming K70 RGB replaces the Vengeance K70 RGB released on the first week of September. This keyboard is a new version of the Vengeance K70 released in 2013 that now most notably features Cherry MX RGB mechanical switches and the ability to remap any key on the keyboard with a custom command. These new features are also carried onto the new K95 RGB keyboard and K65 RGB keyboard.K70 RGB

Besides those two new features, the K70 RGB remains nearly unchanged from the Vengeance K70 – same form, same layout, same black aluminum body with the black Vengeance K70 versions, media keys, onboard lighting/macro profile storage, and USB passthrough. The one missing feature in the new keyboard is the inclusion of an alternative set of textured keycaps for 1-6 and WASD.K70 RGB

The new Corsair Utility Engine is the customization software for the new Corsair Gaming RGB keyboards. Creating and assigning custom key macro commands is quick and easy. Making custom key lighting profiles is fairly easy to pick up, but unexpectedly time consuming and initially unforgiving.corsair_gaming_09_k70rgb_software

M65 RGB Gaming Mouse

The M65 RGB is an updated Vengeance M65 gaming mouse with three lighting zones that complements the RGB keyboards. The light zones are the scroll wheel, DPI mode LED indicator in the center near the scroll wheel, and the Corsair Gaming logo which also spills light onto the surface from the bottom of the mouse. For now, this is the only mouse offered under Corsair Gaming.M65 RGB

The rest of the M65 RGB shares the same features as the Vengeance M65 including an 8200 DPI laser sensor, the same claw grip ergonomic design, same macro button layout, adjustable weights, and high-mass scroll wheel. It comes in either white or black colors. Legit Reviews did not review the Vengeance M65, but has reviewed the preceding Vengeance M60.M65 RGB

H2100 Gaming Headset

Two Vengeance headsets enter Corsair Gaming and are now called H1500 and H2100. For what we can tell, they respectively are recolored 2013 Vengeance 1500 and Vengeance 2100 headsets. The “new” headsets are otherwise unchanged both featuring Dolby Headphone, micro-fiber wrapped memory foam earpads, and a unidirectional microphone that folds up. The H1500 is a USB wired headset and the H2100 is a wireless headset with a USB transmitter.H2100

We have the H2100 and can tell you right away that the sound is the same as the Vengeance 2100. As such, we expect a review on “new” headset to offer little if no new insight over our review of the 2013 headset. Since we also reviewed the other two 2013 Vengeance headsets, the Vengeance 1400 and Vengeance 1500 (V2), we can also strongly assume that the Corsair Gaming H2100 has a different and superior audio character compared to the H1500.H2100

If you’re itching to know more about thoughts about the new Corsair Gaming products or want to share your own, leave a comment below.