QuakeCon 2003

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Aerocool was there to show off some of their latest case mods and their new cases. Below you will see one of their new computer cases that allow you to build a design you like!

Now this transparent case is showing off some awesome colors!

[H]ardware Workshop:

One of the highlights of Quakecon 2003 was the [H]ardware Workshop put on by our friends over at [H]. Since Kyle Bennett is a great guy and a supporter of the community he gathered top industry leaders to come speak to the guests and also “give-back” to the community as the workshop gave away tens of thousands of dollars in new hardware. No one walked out of the [H]ardware Workshop empty handed!

From left to right we have Kyle Bennett of HardOCP.com speaking about motherboards. Scott Baker from NVIDIA speaking on the nForce platform. Anand of Anandtech.com taking processor questions the crowd and finally Richard Brown of VIA Technologies talking about where VIA is headed in the future.

Kyle also had his personal computer up for show and allowed everyone to take a peak at his killer dual Operton computer! Below is a shot of it!

For us the [H]ardware Workshop was one of the main highlights of the weekend and everyone who went said the same after it was finished. Everyone won something and walked away with the truth on where the industry is leading our community in the near future. Not too shabby at all and it would not be possible if Kyle Bennett didn’t step up and make it happen.

I was surprised when Kyle told everyone that Legit Reviews was in the crowd and when he also noted that we are a trustworthy site that is working on making the community a better place through our affiliation with the Reseller Ratings Elite program and our dedication to good advertising methods. This was truly the place for everyone to come together and show their support for the community.

We will be back next year and we will be smart enough to bring our own computers to get in on some of the BYOC LAN gaming 🙂

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