Prolimatech PK2 & PK3 Nano Aluminum Thermal Compound Review


Final Thoughts on PK2 and PK3 Thermal Pastes

These two thermal paste/compounds from Prolimatech, the PK2 and the PK3, not only were easy to apply, these two thermal paste/compounds were able to keep way below my targeted average CPU core temperature of 75C by almost 6C. Not to forget, that both of these thermal paste/compounds require a no cure time, or burn in time; which means that we do not have to wait for this thermal paste/compounds to have a wait time to get maximum results. The more I think about the performance of these two thermal paste/compounds, the PK2 and PK3 from Prolimatech, the more I realize that these two thermal paste/compounds performed well above and beyond what I originally expected them to perform at.

Prolimatech PK2 Volumes

Prolimatech offers 3 different volumes of each one of the thermal paste/compounds to better fit our individual computing needs, the volumes that these two thermal compounds come in are 1.5g, 5g, and finally Prolimatech offers a large volume of 30g; which, only a few thermal paste/compound manufacturers provide such a large volume of thermal paste/compound of 30 grams. The pricing of each individual volume for both of the PK2 and Pk3 thermal paste/compounds are:

PK2 Thermal Paste/Compound Volumes

PK3 Thermal Paste/Compound Volumes

All volumes of the PK2 and the PK3 thermal paste/compounds come with free shipping and handling.

Prolimatech PK3 Volumes

When we look at the cost of the Prolimatech PK3 thermal paste/compound and compare that directly to the cost of Gelid’s GC-Extreme thermal paste/compound, we start to see the value of the PK3 thermal paste/compound. Gelid’s GC-Extreme thermal paste comes in a 3.5g volume tube that has a cost of $12.99, which ends up being $3.71 per gram. When we do the same to Prolimatech’s PK3 with a volume of 5g at a cost of $14.99 we end up having a cost of just about $3 per gram; which ends up being $0.71 cheaper per gram. This is 20% cheaper per gram then Gelid’s GC-Extreme thermal paste/compound. When we compare temperature to temperature the difference between Gelid’s GC-Extreme and Prolimatech’s PK3 at full load there is a 4% performance difference. At the end of the day, Prolimatech’s PK3 thermal paste/compound is only 4% warmer and costs 20% cheaper per gram then Gelid GC-Extreme. I feel Prolimatech did a very good job of balancing cost per gram and performance quite nicely with the PK2 and the PK3 thermal paste/compounds.

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Legit Bottom Line:

The Prolimatech PK2, and PK3 are a perfect candidate for anyone needing a good thermal paste that is not only easy to apply to various computer components, it also will give us good thermal control of those high heat producing computer components.

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