Prolimatech PK2 & PK3 Nano Aluminum Thermal Compound Review


Looking at the PK2, PK3 TIM Up Close

Prolimatech PK2/PK3 Tubes

Prolimatech uses a syringe style of applicator to make ease of application as simple as possible, also Prolimatech color codes each type of thermal paste. Once again the orange colored syringe is the PK3 (left), The green colored syringe is the PK2 thermal compound. Prolimatech also includes into each packaging a spreader, this is used to evenly spread the thermal paste across the surface of our heat producing computer component (Ex. CPU).

Prolimatech PK2/PK3 Smear Test

I wanted to know what the consistency of each thermal paste is prior to applying them to my computer. I ended up using the back side of a CD/DVD jewel case and then placed a small portion of each thermal paste onto it. I then used the spreader and smeared each one. From the looks of it, these two thermal paste/compounds have about the same even consistency to them, they do not appear to be too thick, nor do they appear to be too thin; which, should make applying both of these thermal paste/compounds onto various heat producing computer components easy.

Prolimatech PK2/PK3 CPU

Now it is time to see how these two thermal pastes spread out once applied to the top of a CPU. The CPU pictured here, is an Intel Core i7 3820. Since both thermal pastes from Prolimatech have the same consistency, I will only be showing one application of the thermal paste onto the CPU, that thermal paste I chose was the PK2 thermal paste.

Prolimatech PK2/PK3 5 Dot Application

Since I dont get very good results when I spread the thermal paste evenly across the top of the CPU (I could never get a nice uniform coat of thermal paste across the entire surface of the CPU), I decided to use a five dot pattern. This is only a test fit, as I wanted to see the thermal paste dispersion pattern once it has been applied to a CPU. I will make adjustments to the amount of thermal paste after this test fitting.

Prolimatech PK2/PK3 Test of Application

With just using the weight of my hand being pressed up against the CPU water block and then removing it, I can see that the Prolimatechs PK2, and PK3 thermal compounds spreads out quite evenly across the entire surface of the CPU.

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