PQI 64GB SDXC Class 10 Flash Memory Card Review

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Capacity and Final Thoughts

As we mentioned in the introduction there’s a total of 64GB of Flash on this card, but Windows reports it closer to 62GB as it calculates the actual data conversion from bytes to gigabytes.

PQI 64GB SDXC Card Storage Capacity

This means that the card shows up as having 61.8GB of storage space inside of Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit for example. This is a ton of storage space as you can imagine! It always brings a smile to your face when you put a card like this into a point and shoot camera like the Canon SD1400 IS and see 9999 images remaining and you have been shooting pictures all day.

PQI SDHC Class10 flash memory card

Final Thoughts and Conclusions

The 64GB PQI SDXC card has a very impressive storage capacity with respectable performance numbers. For example the Canon EOS Rebel 550D/T2i DSLR camera records HD video and the user’s manual recommends at least Class 6 memory cards in order to record 1080p video smoothly. The PQI 64GB SDXC card should be able to keep up when recording 1080p video and images in continuous burst mode. Having a card that pushes 20MB/s read and write also means you can easily offload all of images and videos from the memory card to computer. We had no issues using the SDXC card in 3-4 year old cameras like the Canon PowerShot SD770 IS, but not all devices will be this lucky, so make sure your device supports SDXC cards before handing over the money for one. It should be noted that if you do use a card like this with an older non-SDXC device that you never should format it with the camera as they do not support the exFAT (Extended File Allocation Table, also sometimes referred to as FAT64) file structure. If you are running Windows 7 or Mac OS X version 10.6.6 or higher then exFAT is supported natively and you can format the drive within the operating system just fine. Older operating systems like Windows Vista requires the service pack updates being installed.

Speaking about money… We have no idea what this memory card costs. We asked PQI what the card costs and they responded by saying they were not sure. We searched online and found zero results for this memory card. The original press release said to visit the PQI Online Store at http://shop.pqigroup.com to buy the card, but that web site fails to load. We do know the card has a lifetime warranty on it, so if you do happen to find one and the price is right then give it a shot.

Legit Bottom Line: The PQI 64GB SDXC Class 10 memory card is a quick and large capacity storage card, but good luck finding one for sale!

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