Plantronics RIG Surround Gaming Headset Review


Looking around the Plantronics RIG Surround

The Plantronics RIG Surround is the 2014 update to the original RIG headset and mixer released back in 2013. Most of the changes to the new updated product are to the contents of the packaging and the capabilities of the audio mixer. The headphone unit itself remains completely unchanged.Plantronics RIG Surround

The headphone piece is constructed almost entirely from lightweight plastic. Despite the simple look which gives a cheap impression, the headphones are well-built and our fully functional 2013 RIG review sample is at least a testament to quality. The material construction makes the headset light in weight. However, the low clamping force and narrow width of the headband does make the weight of the headphones noticeable as gravity puts pressure on a small section where ones head holds up the headband.

Plantronics RIG SurroundPlantronics RIG Surround Plantronics RIG Surround

The cloth covered headband and earpads are gentle on the skin even helping to wick away moisture. Plantronics designed the headphones with this material in mind after taking a page from athletic headphones.

Plantronics RIG Surround

The RIG headset has a swappable modular cable system, though the RIG Surround only comes with the boom mic cable. The other cable with an in-line microphone and mini controller has been moved to the RIG Flex sister product.Plantronics RIG Surround Plantronics RIG Surround Plantronics RIG Surround